Monday, November 18, 2013

♥ NEW VIDEO ♥ FIRST TIME BOX-DYING MY HAIR! | L'Oreal Superior Preference 10NB

Hi guys! In this video I'm showing you guys my first-time experience dying my hair with the L'Oreal Superior Preference permanent hair-color in 10NB Ultra Natural Blonde! I've actually "colored" my hair before, but I had been using a very damaging product that just left my hair dry and brassy (I'll be doing a full hair-care video so I'll go more in-depth about it later). Overall I really liked this product, and if I would have left the dye in my hair for a longer period of time I bet it would have gotten to the same blonde color on the box! Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more hair-related videos! :)

First thing I did was brush my hair out gently so as not to have any tangles. Then I mixed the hair color as  per the instructions in the box, and distributed the product throughout my hair by parting and applying (I ended up doing this process outside because of the ammonia fumes). When my hair was completely soaked in the dye, I pulled it back into a bun and let it sit for about 20-ish minutes (the box recommends 25-30 minutes, but since it was my first time doing this I decided to play it safe). Later I rinsed out the dye thoroughly in the shower and applied their mini conditioner, which smells amazing and made my hair super soft! And that was it, it totally covered up my dark roots and gave me a semi-blonde color that will be a good base for the next time I dye my hair lighter!

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  1. With your hair that long, it must've took you hours to cover all of it with the dye! One of the reasons people opt to go to salons to get their hair done is to save them the trouble of doing it on their own. They are also assured that it would be done properly. But I adore those like you who are brave enough to do it on their own. And I have to say that you did a fine job at it. Your hair is beautiful. Congratulations!
    Susie Laurie