Sunday, January 5, 2014

♥ NEW VIDEO! ♥ My Workout Routine | SURPRISE GIVEAWAY!!!

Hi guys! This is a 5-minute compilation of my favorite exercises and Pilates moves that make up my workout routine! You can do these 10 moves (repeat 8 times each) anywhere because they're quiet and won't bother your neighbors if you live in an apartment building! I usually work out for 1 hour a week, and do about 20 different moves. I hope that this video will motivate you to get back on track and achieve your fitness and health goals in the new year! I've also included a really cool giveaway to kick-start your workout regimen, where you could win a yoga mat and a matching water bottle! Thanks so much for watching and good luck! ;D

I'm wearing a basic white long-sleeve shirt and tank top, tight black capri pants from Target, and white/navy blue tennis shoes by Avia. Here's a list of all of the moves I did in the video:

  1. Lunges forward and back to start (cardio, legs, butt)
  2. Clockwork abs alternate from clockwise to counter-clockwise (abs, legs)
  3. Inner thigh leg-raise flexed and pointed foot (legs)
  4. Triangle leg-lifts (legs, obliques, shoulders)
  5. Donkey kicks flexed foot, leg extend, straight leg pulses (butt, legs)
  6. Star side-plank (arms, shoulders, abs, legs)
  7. Walking plank (cardio, abs, shoulders)
  8. Spidermans (abs, shoulders, butt, legs)
  9. Squat and kick (cardio, butt, legs)
  10. Plié squats on your toes (legs, calves, butt)

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