Saturday, July 6, 2013

♥ NEW VIDEO! ♥ Follow Me Around VLOG! ♥ Doing my Makeup at Sephora! ♥ Shopping at Forever 21 and H&M! ♥

Hi guys! I'm back with a really cool video! This is my first ever vlog, and in the video I take you around with me on my birthday trip to the mall! I finally turned 17, and I really enjoyed my day out. :)

First thing I got to do on my birthday was try an Acai Bowl for the very first time! There's a juice bar in my town that serves them, and it's very conveniently located near the mall! It. Was. Life-changing. The Acai Bowl literally had all my favorite foods in one awesome package: acai berries, honey, soy milk, granola, and banana slices! I also decided to get a Taro Boba drink because I LOVE BOBA (and it's such a cute pastel purple color)!!

After filling my tummy with my cool treats, I went to Sephora to pick up my Beauty Insider birthday gift, which was sponsored by Benefit and included my favorite mascara, the "They're Real!" mascara, and their little "Watts Up!" shimmery champagne-colored highlighter. I was so excited because Benefit is one of my favorite makeup brands and even they're travel-sized products are super high quality!

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I did a full face of makeup at Sephora with products from some of my favorite brands, like Too Faced, Benefit, Stila, NARS, and Tarte! I decided to try something different than the usual winged-eyeliner look, so with Stila's All Day Waterproof felt-tip liquid eyeliner I painted two little wings instead of one. It turned out super cute, dontcha think? ;)

And finally, I browsed around H&M and stayed at Forever 21 for what seemed like FOREVER! (Ha! See what I did there?) Shopping is hard work, or as that cute Wildfox jumper says, "Shopping is my Cardio"! It was totally worth the exhaustion and back pain---from walking in platforms all day---because I found some awesome bargains!!

All in all, I spent my 17th birthday doing my favorite things, eating yummy, healthy food, playing with makeup and shopping, and it was awesome! 

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